At a Glance
Brief Introduction

Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences (GXAAS), founded in 1935 and directly subordinate to Guangxi provincial government, is engaged in major agricultural application and innovation research. Along the scenic Xiangsi Lake bank, GXAAS is headquartered in the National High-Tech Development Zone of Nanning, Guangxi.       


With totally 20 affiliated research institutes, 135 innovation teams, 12 research branches and 60 experiment stations, GXAAS mainly carries out basic applied research of crop farming, focusing on breeding and cultivation of grains, sugar crops, fruits, vegetables, oil crops, bast fiber crops, edible fungi, flowers, macadamia and tea. GXAAS also conducts technical research on plant protection & nutrition, agricultural resources & environment, agricultural products processing & safety inspection, and agricultural information & economy. GXAAS oversees 7 national crop improvement sub-centers and engineering technology research centers, 4 key labs and quality inspection centers of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, 21 national or ministerial seed bases, nurseries and field inspection stations, 11 provincial key labs and engineering technology research centers, 16 provincial breeding centers for crop improvement, one technology transfer center and one post-doctoral program station. The total area of GXAAS is 1390-plus hectares, with 7 permanent test bases (headquarter, Lijian, Mingyang, Long’an, Hainan, Guangxi Subtropical Crops Research Institute (GSCRI) and Guangxi South Subtropical Science Research Institute (GSSSRI)). The comprehensive laboratory building of the Academy covers 26000 square meters, equipped with advanced scientific research instruments.         


Among the 2734 employees, 1382 are in-service staff, 1104 research professionals, 487 senior researchers, 142 PhD degree holders, 508 master degree holders, 33 state-level experts, 61 province-level experts and 62 experts on national and provincial modern agricultural technology system. The Academician Work Station of GXAAS has invited 7 academicians viz., Yuan Long-ping, Xie Hua-an, Zhao Qi-guo, Gai Jun-yi, Fang Zhi-yuan, Zhou Xue-xiao and Wan Jian-min as consultants.    


Since its establishment, GXAAS has won 605 provincial and national scientific awards, bred and extended 696 new varieties, which has greatly supported the development of agriculture and rural economy in Guangxi. In recent years, GXAAS has been developing on the fast-track with the solid strategy of improving the capabilities of scientific leading power, innovation power and transformation power, aiming at building GXAAS into the nation-wide leading academy via transformation and upgrading.   


Over the past few years, GXAAS has enormously promoted the reform of research institutes in the cities and counties and proactively explored the collaboration mode with other research institutes, government departments and enterprises. A service network of innovation and transformation covering the entire Guangxi has been formed by building 12 branches together with 12 cities and 60 special crop experiment stations with the joint efforts from Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangxi. Moreover, GXAAS has participated in the national poverty alleviation campaign and implemented the service program for the enterprises in Modern Characteristic Agriculture (Core) Demonstration Zone. Currently, GXAAS has collaborated with 340-plus enterprises and established 700-plus demonstration sites for large-scale cultivation and technology extension. GXAAS has always been working closely with companies, villages and farmers, which has offered solid technical support for the development of rural economy and agriculture in Guangxi.  


GXAAS has always paid special attention to opening up and collaborative innovation. GXAAS has been a major founder of setting up national or international agricultural platforms including China-ASEAN Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Alliance (CAASTIA), Guangxi and Taiwan Association for Agricultural Development and Technology Exchange, International Association of Professionals in Sugar and Integrated Technologies (IAPSIT), Sugarcane Technology Innovation Association and Rice Technology Innovation Association. GXAAS has been a partner with over 10 international organizations and institutions from more than 40 countries or regions across the globe. GXAAS has successfully implemented a great number of international cooperative projects in ASEAN and African countries. Awarded as National Demonstration Base for Introducing Foreign Talents and International Scientific Cooperation Base, GXAAS has accelerated technology transfer and introduction.


Centering on the objective of building the national-leading institution and the mission of satisfying regional agricultural demands, GXAAS will embrace new historical opportunities, highlight efforts in innovation, modernization, influence and research capability and strive for emerging as a prominent agricultural innovation center with tropical and south subtropical agricultural characteristics to boost modern agricultural development in Guangxi or even ASEAN countries.